Preventative Maintenance Plans

Our preventative maintenance plans are designed to keep your equipment running at optimal performance, helping you minimize costly repairs. With over 20 years in the commercial cleaning equipment business, we have seen the difference between equipment that has been properly maintained and equipment that has been neglected. Through several case studies we found that when a machine is properly cared for, it will last up to 3-4 times longer. Proper care is essential to the life of your equipment, ultimately giving you a better return on your investment.

With expensive equipment (e.g., powered scrubbers), every dollar spent on maintenance in a holistic 360-degree approach, can return three dollars or more in uptime and better cleaning by:

  1. Extending the life of equipment
  2. Improving cleaning
  3. Protecting health and safety
  4. Lowering TCO

5 Reasons to Keep Equipment in Top Condition!


Professionally Maintained Equipment Performs Better, Lasts Longer, Costs Less
As physical checkups and good habits help people stay healthy and live longer with fewer medical bills, equipment checkups and regular maintenance works the same way, resulting in better performance, longer service life, and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Fewer Breakdowns, Cleaner Buildings, Happier Customers
Well-maintained equipment keeps running — and cleaning, and fewer breakdowns mean cleaner buildings, happier, healthier customers, and less hassle.


Fewer Repairs
“An ounce of prevention” applies as early diagnosis can catch small problems before they become big (and costly).


Lower Capital Costs
Professional cleaning tools, like modern cars, are often complex with advanced electronics and integrated systems. Think expensive. Proper care extends lifecycles and provides a larger Return on Investment (ROI); e.g., a poorly maintained auto scrubber may cost $10,000 to replace in a couple of years but a well-maintained unit is capable of lasting up to 10 years or more when properly maintained.


Focus, Peace of Mind
Focus on your business and customers, not on equipment repairs. Well-maintained equipment gives you peace of mind, knowing your tools will work when you need them.

preventive maintenance

We offer maintenance plans on:

Floor Scrubbers
Floor Burnishers
Carpet Extractors
Floor Buffers
Propane-Powered Burnishers
Industrial Sweepers/Scrubbers
Concrete Polishers
Floor Sanders
Pressure Washers